Mallorca holidays at the beginning of April


… might be a bit fresh and cool as it was this year.8
Nevertheless it is about 15 degrees Centigrade warmer than in Germany and there is no day without any sunshine.

A stay in the North-East in a hotel: the guest must sometimes bear a very noisy dining room with a lot of kids who not all know how to behave there.
But there are wonderful appetizers, carefully prepared, a variety of salads and main dishes – you can hardly imagine. Everything is totally fresh, especially the unique aromatic taste of the Majorcan oranges and the countless fish dishes.

Sometimes you really wonder: the delicately prepared food seems to be less demanded than the obligatory ‚Wiener Schnitzel‘ with heaps of French Fries.

At the airport  arrival you already realize that the light is different, the sun is more intense, warmer, more bright colours.

After the flight the kids can hardly wait to get into the pool which is still pretty fresh.

Endless walks on the beach, barefoot, the feet being touched by waves.

A trip by rental car into the interior of the island: the visit of an old authentic estate of the 18 th 19th centuy (St Juan), you explore the rooms and outdoor facilities nearly alone and the kids are happy about the numerous animals.

Different to former stay is: when you check in your credit card is required as well as a mobile telephone number. That was not mentioned in the travel documents.

But it is also normal to have Wifi in the entire hotel resort which makes it easy always to be in contact with your kids.With Whatsapp you can even telephone nowadays.



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